Monday - Saturday: 11am ~  Midnight

Sunday: 11am  ~ 10:30pm

Tel: 01628 627732

This Works Out To £ 2.09 A Month Or £0.49 Per Week!!!

As A Member You Get Cheaper Table Rates, No entry fees,

you are able to reserve tables & You Can Take

Advantage Of Our Promotions.

Members Early Bird Rate Mon-Fri 11am-6pm

Snooker, English & 9 Ball Pool £7.00ph

Match Tables £8.50ph

Solo Rate (on select tables only) £4.50ph                               

Members Peak Table Rates 6pm-Midnight

Snooker, English & 9 Ball Pool £8.50ph

Match Tables  £10.00ph

Marathon Rates (Expires at midnight)

2 Player Match Table Marathon £28

2 Player Marathon £22

Team Marathon £25

Team Marathon Match Table £30


(Any additional player joining the marathon will be charged at £3 per player)       

Guest Rates

Guest Fee £2.50

Snooker, English & 9 Ball Pool £11 ph

Match Tables £12 ph

£20 or CARD as a table deposit required from non-members.

T&C's Early bird & Solo Rate is not available on bank holidays