Sunday - Thursday: 11am ~  Midnight

Friday & Saturday: 11am  ~ Midnight Tel: 01628 627732

This Works Out To £ 2.09 A Month Or £0.49 Per Week!!!

As A Member You Get Cheaper Table Rates, No entry fees,

you are able to reserve tables & You Can Take

Advantage Of Our Promotions.

Early Bird Deal Mon-Fri 11am-6pm

English Pool £6.50 per hour, Match Tables £8.00 per hour

American Pool £6.50 per hour

Snooker £6.50 Per Hour, Match Tables £8.00 per hour

Solo Player Deal Mon-Fri 11-6pm £4.30 per hour (On Selected Tables Only)

(Early Bird and Solo Rate not available on Bank Holidays)

Peak Table Rates

English Pool £8.00 Per Hour, Match Tables £9.50 Per Hour

American Pool £8.00 Per Hour

Snooker £8.00 Per Hour, Match Tables £9.50 Per Hour

Marathon Deals

2 Player Match Table Marathon £25 (+£3 per player)

2 Player Marathon £20 (+£3 per player)

Team Marathon £20 (Affiliated to MPL, TVSL or Renegade)

(Marathon deals can only be taken out by members and must be asked for at the start of the session.

They can not be asked for during or after the session has finished.)

Guest Rates

Guest Fee £2.50

Snooker, English & 9 Ball Pool £10.00 Per Hour

Match Tables £11.00 Per Hour

£10 Table deposit required from non-members.