Canon Telescopic Cue Extension

Code: 1630


Cannon Screw On Telecopic Cue Extension

This screw on extension is designed to fit 3/4 jointed Cannon snooker cues from the current range and will also fit onto the butt end of any Cannon cue fitted with a 'butt end'  joint. The extension is constructed of aluminium and can be extended by pulling the end away from the cue, and then quickly locked at any position required by gently twisting the collar. The extension measures 23" in length, but can extend the length of the cue shaft any amount between 23" and 35". This extension is fitted by removing the butt section of the 3/4 jointed cue and screwing the extension directly on to the 3/4 shaft. For compatibility this extension features the same male 'Cannon' joint as used on Cannon cues, so the extension can be secured to the female joint on the shaft precisely and quickly.

Length: 23" (58.5cm)

Extended Length: 35" (89cm) -but also locks at any position between 23"
and 35"

Joint: Male 'Cannon' joint

Fitting: Screws onto cue shaft (after removing butt section) or into
'butt end' joint.

Material: Aluminium

Suited for cues: Current Cannon 3/4 Jointed snooker cues: ie. cue reference number: 0217, 0218, 0223, 0225, 0250, 0252, 0255, 0257, 0263, 0259, 0247, 0266, 0267, 0268, 0269

This extension will also fit into any current Cannon cue with a 'butt en joint' so it will also fit into the end of the following two piece cues: 0246, 0248, 0247

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